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Choosing the right baby carrier type

Baby carrier guide for parents


When you are shopping for the right baby carrier it can hard to cut through all the clutter and figure out what actually matters and which carrier is right for you. This guide will help you make sense of the different styles of carriers available. 

Skin to skin Kangaroo Shirts for baby

  • Great for premies. Premies need even more skin to skin and cuddles to help them grow. 
  • Adoption. Develop a strong bond with your child, even without a biological link
  • Snuggle your baby, while taking care of your older children

Shop to Skin to Skin Baby Carrier shirts

Strechy wrap baby slings

  • Stretch carriers are perfect for the 4th trimester and around the house as baby grows
  • Sooth colic and free up your hands
  • Keep it simple with a no-tie stretch Huggaloops stretch wrap

Easy to use pre-tied stretch wraps for baby

Ring sling baby wrap carriers

  • Perfect for quick ups around the house
  • Make running errands easy with newborns or toddlers
  • A great alternative to carrying a heavy carseat around
  • Start using day 1 and keep using for toddlers
  • Allows for front and hip carry

Ring sling baby carriers

Meh Dai Baby wrap sling carrier

  • Perfect for around the house and walking
  • Easy to adjust for all sizes of baby
  • Fits a wide variety of body shapes and sizes
  • Combines the comfort of a wrap with the easy of a structured carrier
  • Allows for front, back and hip carry

Meh Dai baby carriers for newborns and toddlers

Ergonomic buckle baby sling carriers

  • Easy and fast to use
  • Great for babies over 3 months and up
  • Offers even weight distribution for comfortable carrying while hiking, dancing, dog walking and other activities
  •  Allows for front carries, back carry 

Ergonomic baby carriers


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