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Raving a Little

Join me and a guess for a Facebook live chat that will take a deep dive into a variety of parenting topics. 

Upcoming Chats

November 6 8 pm

Myths and Mysteries of Pregnancy with Michelle Donald.

Michelle is a physiotherapist who specializes in working with pregnant and postpartum women. We are going to dive into the topic of what really happens to your body when you get pregnant and give birth, what is pelvic floor physiotherapy and what does it mean to "get your body back".

November 12 8 PM

Being a Modern Dad with Josh Fedorowich

What does it mean to be a modern dad? Josh is a dad to 2 kiddos, a prenatal educator and entrepreneur. We are going to dive into topics like Why are there no change tables in the men's room? What happens when a man takes paternity leave? and much more

November 19 8 PM

Play edition with Tanya Wolfe

Dont do any christmas shopping until you have watched this live! Tanya is a registered social worker, baby sign language instructor and owner of Little Hands and Me Parenting Network. We are going to dive into the world of child's play. 

What kinds of toys should buy our kids? Why is play so important? and so much more

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Self Care - Tanya and I sit down to talk to about self care and dive into how we can change the discussion around self care for moms. What does it mean? Why does so much advice about self care suck? How can we take up space and take care of ourselves as moms? 

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Becoming Crunchy Mama's - Madison and I sat down to talk to about our journey's to becoming the parents we are now. We both started off thinking we would be one type of parent but life threw a curve ball and we had to blaze a new path. We talk about how we are learning to blaze this path and what it means to be an "accidental hippie". 

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Sleep - The good, the bad and the ugly - Tanya and I sit down to talk about what sleeping like a baby really means. Sleep is a messy topic with so many myth, mysteries and outright lies floating around. This is a long one but worth every minute. Grab a glass of wine and join the conversation. 

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