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Raising the Littles community and conversations

Raising the Little Chats about parenting

Raising our little people can be a challenge. A strong community can help you get through the tough times and celebrate the good times. Welcome to the Raising the Littles community. We have an active facebook group that is a supportive space for you to meet and bounce ideas off other parents. I also host regular evening chats that are a deep dive into a variety of parenting and self care topics. The chats happen on facebook live on my Raising a Little page. 

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March 5 8pm What does a new mom really need?

How can we support new moms to become the parents they want to be? Adding a child to your family is a huge transition that can leave parents feeling empowered, fulfilled, lonely or overwhelmed (sometimes all at the same time). So what can we do to help manage this transition?

March 19 8pm Introducing pets to the new baby

How can we make the introduction of a new baby as stressfree and successful as possible? What signs should we look for as our baby grows to manage their relationship with our children? How can we balance the needs of our pet, our children and ourselves in a way that everyone is getting what they need? 

March 25 8pm Coping with Sleeplessness and Colic

Everyone knows that when a baby comes home a full nights sleep packs up and leaves add in colic and it can feel almost impossible to cope. How can we cope with the sleeplessness? Can we do anything about colic? What do tired parents really need?

March 25 8pm Embracing your Postpartum Body

Having a baby changed everything, including our bodies. This can be empowering for some and challenging for others. So how can we change the conversation around our bodies to embrace these changes? What actually changes when we are pregnant and give birth? How do we need to adapt our movement, exercise and self care to work with these changes?

April 8 8pm Blending Families

Jacyln and KJ are going to join me for this chat. They are the parents to 7 children, with a dynamic blended family. They are going to share their experience on how they have navigated this challenge to bring their family together.

April 16 8pm Holidays, sleep and babies

With easter coming up that usually means disrupted routines, travel and extending families getting involved with our little ones. So how can we manage our babies needs for sleep with family events and holidays?

April 23 8pm Potty Training

When is the right time to potty train? What is the best way to do it? What are the pitfalls we need to avoid? Potty training has so many questions around it for parents. It can be a huge challenge to find the right way for you and your child.

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Self Care - Tanya and I sit down to talk to about self care and dive into how we can change the discussion around self care for moms. What does it mean? Why does so much advice about self care suck? How can we take up space and take care of ourselves as moms? 

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Becoming Crunchy Mama's - Madison and I sat down to talk to about our journey's to becoming the parents we are now. We both started off thinking we would be one type of parent but life threw a curve ball and we had to blaze a new path. We talk about how we are learning to blaze this path and what it means to be an "accidental hippie". 

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Sleep - The good, the bad and the ugly - Tanya and I sit down to talk about what sleeping like a baby really means. Sleep is a messy topic with so many myth, mysteries and outright lies floating around. This is a long one but worth every minute. Grab a glass of wine and join the conversation. 

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