Every mother deserves a doula

Get the support YOU need to be the mother you want to be

Imagine if every mother felt supported when they welcomed their children into their family. Imagine if every mother had the village that they needed to reach their goals. Imagine if motherhood didn't have to mean burnout, exhaustion and loosing yourself in pursuit of caring for your little one.

A postpartum doula is your guide, supporter and cheerleader in the early days of motherhood. Whether this is your first, second or fifth baby a postpartum doula can be a key part of your support team. Join the motherhood revolution and get in touch today to build your personalized postpartum support package.

What is a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula is a trained supporter who works for you. My role as your supporter is to offer real help that will lighten your load and help you transition smoothly into motherhood. I cook, I tidy, I do laundry, I snuggle babies, I listen, I offer resources and more, all without judgement or pressure. I believe that within every mother is the strength and knowledge to do what is right for her family. My role is to help you quiet the noise and create space to listen to your intuition.

Every family is unique so every support package is unique. Tell me what you need, what your budget is and I will create the package to fit you.

About Me

Hi! I'm Lindsay. I am the mother to a spirited little man who has kept me on my toes and rocked my world since the day he joined our family.

I decided to become a babywearing educator to help families find confidence with this tool. The more I worked with parents the more I realized I wanted to be able to support their entire journey and so I took my training to become a postpartum doula.

I believe that you have the intuition and ability to be an amazing mother, but that our culture does everything it can to undermine the confidence and power of women. My role as your doula is to hold space for you to regain your confidence. You do not have to travel this path through mothering alone. I am here to help you.

Book your free postpartum consultation to learn about how I can support your postpartum experience. Every family is unique so I create a personalized package for each family.