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Boost your milk supply naturally!

Milkin' More cookies and boosters are made from wholesome ingredients that you can feel good about eating. These lactation cookies taste as good as homemade and work quickly to boost supply for your next feed or pump. Use the boosters to create a sustained increase in your milk supply and overall health.

100% Natural

Made using wholesome ingredients that have been used by women for centuries to support lactation. Including oatmeal, brewers yeast, moringa powder and flax.  

Organic ingredients

All of the ingredients used to create the cookies are boosters are organic.

Small Batches

Made in small batches to ensure quality and taste. Cookies taste like homemade (without the hassle!) and every booster is perfectly balanced.


Milkin More boosters and cookies work! Over 90% of women see an increase in milk supply that lasts.



"My favorite lactation cookies of the many kinds I’ve tried. I love the chocolate chip flavour and to me they taste best when they are cold straight out of the fridge. The perfect middle of the night snack when I’m up nursing."




"This has been amazingly helpful in helping me maintain my milk supply. I have mixed it into smoothies, yogurt, overnight oatmeal and yogurt and Granola. The extra energy boost is also great for those rough mornings. I've noticed a difference in my supply since I have incorporated it into my breakfast routine. Highly recommended it"





"I always assumed lactation cookies would be dry and not good tasting but I thought I’d give these a try and WOW!! So soft!! I couldn’t recommend these more!"



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