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Choosing the right baby carrier for you

 Guide to choosing the right baby carrier

Choosing the right carrier can feel overwhelming when you are researching brands, styles and fabrics. But it's actually pretty simple when we focus on what really matters - what YOU need. So let's talk about you. 

The best place to start is figuring our what you want your carrier to do. Let's get started. 

Getting active

  • Walking the dog, working out, or exploring nature are great actives for using a carrier.
  •  Look for supportive carriers that will distribute baby's weight to your big muscles so you don't have to work as hard to support baby.
  • Even distribution of weight is important too so we need something with 2 shoulder straps

Baby carriers for being active, walking, dancing, hiking

Around the house

  • Do you struggle with doing laundry, making meals or engaging with your other children? A carrier can help with that
  • Look for something with a high waistband or no waistband at all so you can move easily and sit down when needed
  • These carriers are all lightweight and fast to put on

Baby carriers for around the house

Skin to Skin

  •  Skin to skin snuggles help to welcome baby into the world and build your bond
  • Make skin to skin easy with a kangaroo shirt so you can rest while cuddling your little one
  • Easily soak in all the snuggles while still being able to get up and move around when needed

Shop baby carriers for skin to skin


Getting dad in on the baby snuggles

  • Dads need snuggles too
  • Baby carriers can be a great way for dad to practice parenting and get to know baby
  • Find the right fit for dad's body in the dad collection. These carrier feature longer straps, supportive waistbands and adjustable sizes so you can share the carrier 

Baby carriers for dad


Still not sure which carrier is right for you? Get in touch either by emailing me or hit the chat button. I am always happy to help!