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Baby Carrier and Gear Rentals

Baby carrier and gear rentals at Raising a Little

Raising a Little is now offering baby carrier and gear rentals to families in Saskatoon and area! Short term rentals are a great way to try a carrier before you commit or borrow a carrier for a short trip. 

Items Available for Rent

Tula Free to Grow

Tula Explore

Tula Standard

Tula Half Buckle

Integra Size 1

Integra Solar Size 1

Air-O water ring sling

Lenny Lamb Ring Sling

Trek Evo

Tranquilo Mat Large

Tranquilo Mat Small

Please note that there is only 1 of each item available for rental. Please contact Raising a Little prior to coming in for your rental to ensure the desired item is in stock. Raising A Little cannot guarantee a particular item will be available for rental at anytime. Rental availability is on a first come, first served basis, depends on the prompt return of items by previous renters and washing time. 

How does it work?

Rentals are available for 1-3 weeks. A deposit is required for the full value of the item at the time of rental. This deposit will be refunded to you, less the rental charge, when the item is returned in good condition. 

If the item is, stained, ripped, exposed to cigarette smoke or otherwise damaged you will be the proud new owner of this item. 

You are required to return the item with all accessories, including instruction booklets. If you are missing any pieces your will forfeit your deposit. 

If you love your item so much that you don't want to return it by the end of the rental period, you can contact Raising a Little and let me know that you will be keeping the item. You deposit will then be used to purchase the item. All rental purchases are final sale. 

If you love your item and want to make a purchase after your rental you can apply $10 of your rental fee to the purchase of your item. This can only applied to a purchase made when you return your rental in good condition. 

Rental Rates
First week $25
Second week $20
Third week $20
Rentals not returned after the end of the third week (unless prior arrangements have been made) will be considered to be purchased.

Book an appointment to pick up your rental today.