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You don't have to do it alone

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on

You don't have to do it alone

When I was pregnant I remember walking into Target, grabbing a cart and walking over to the baby section. I froze. I had no idea where to go. No idea what to get. I was overwhelmed. There was so many products I had no idea what to with. How could I pick a shampoo out of the 10 kinds there were? Which soother did I need? Did I really need a wipes warmer and 3 different kinds of bouncy chair?

I just left my cart and walked away. I couldn't handle it. 

I took a friend of mine shopping a few weeks later. She filled my cart with "essentials" and acted as my guide in the big box, neon nightmare of shopping for baby. My bill was more I had spent anywhere, on anything in a very long time. I took all the bags home, put them in the basement and hoped I would figure out what to do with all of it one day. 

Another friend brought boxes of stuff. Chairs, swings, bathtubs, more blankets (how many blankets did one tiny human need?!?), clothing and more. I took it to the basement - the only place it all fit and stared at it. 

What was I going to do with all of this stuff? My house was being over run with stuff for this tiny person growing in my belly. I was becoming overwhelmed with all the stuff and I still had no clue what it was all for. 

Every time I tried to shop for something I couldn't do it. I had no idea. I was paralyzed by choice or completely unable to find something that did what I needed. There was no guide at the store who would help me navigate the differences between the products. No one who would ask me the right questions and help me sort out my needs. Everywhere I turned there was more information and so much of it went in 1000 different directions. 

After my son arrived things got worse. It was so hard to find the right tools for us. I either got a ton of stuff I didn't need or I walked away with nothing. I spent hours online and in stores hoping to find some magical information source who would help me. 

This is the frustration that Raising A Little was born from. I think parents are worth more than just marketing speak and pictures on a box. Parents and children deserve to be heard, they deserve products that work and professionals that can offer real solutions. We don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on stuff. We can shop smart to find the right tools for you so you can keep more of your money.

I strive to be your guide, to curate a selection of products that work and are easy to understand. I will take the time to ask you questions and answer all of yours. I am here for you. There is a better way. Let's figure this out together. 

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