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You deserve an educator

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on

You deserve an educator

I meet a lot of parents in various places on their parenting journey. I hear stories and spend a lot of time listening to parents. There is one story that I hear over and over again. 

It usually comes from a mom. She tells me about how she really wanted to use a baby carrier with her child. She got a carrier from a big box store, a local boutique or a friend. She paid a lot of money for it, or she got a sweet deal on it second hand. But her baby hates it and it's not comfortable for her. So it went into the back of the closet and sits there. Sometimes she suffers through the discomfort to try again. She looks a bit disappointed and sad when she tells me this story. She is usually trying to explain why she doesn't use a carrier - as if she somehow failed. 

Have you heard this story? Is it yours?

This story breaks my heart and pisses me off. It breaks my heart because I see that sadness in her eyes. I feel that disappointment right along with her. I've been her. It pisses me off because I see money wasted. I see a baby who wants to be held and a mom who wants to hold her baby but doesn't because it hurts. I see a company who decided to take this persons money for a tool that wasn't right for them and offered her no support.

You deserve more! You deserve support, you deserve to be listened to and have someone who will take the time to find you the right tool for you body. You deserve more that just writing on a box to help you make your decisions. You deserve someone who understands the products they sell and offers you the education you need to use them. 

As an educator, this is what I promise you. I will be there for you. I will ask you questions. I will listen to your needs. I will guide you through the process of choosing the right tool for your body and baby. I will teach you how to use your carrier. I will be there for you as long as you need me. 

You deserve an educator. Get in touch to get the help you deserve. 

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