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7 tips for comfortable babywearing this summer

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on

7 tips for comfortable babywearing this summer

The weather is finally getting warmer and the sun is out. Which means that we are now starting to worry about how to stay cool in the summer heat. I get asked about how to stay cool while wearing your baby all the time. Here are my tips:

1. Dress in light layers.

  • Minimize the layers between you and baby so that your body can help cool or warm baby as needed
  • Use a light sweater or jacket to wrap around you both if you need more warmth
  • Stick to light colors
  • Never wrap blankets around baby or cover baby's face with a blanket

2. Choose a light carrier.

  • A light weight carrier that breaths will keep you and baby comfortable on warm days
  • Look for carriers made with cotton, breathable synthetics or mesh panels
  • Buckle carriers, meh dais and ring slings have less fabric covering you and baby which increases breathability

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3. Wear a hat.

  • A wide brimmed sun hat can keep both you and baby shaded and cool

4. Get wet!

  • Grab a water carrier and go for a dip
  • Enjoy the splash park with your baby

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5. Protect your skin

  • Nobody likes a sunburn and babies are especially vulnerable with their sensitive skin. Protect their skin and yours with natural, safe and effective sunscreen
  • Look for formulas that use zinc to protect. This creates a physical barrier to the sun using the key ingredient found in most diaper creams.
  • Zinc based sunscreen is a little thicker than chemical sunscreens. Green Beaver is my favourite brand because it rub in easily and offers great protection. 

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6. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

  • Drink lots of water
  • Offer frequent breast-feeds or bottles to babies. They may need many smaller, more frequent feedings when its hot

7. Take breaks.

  • Its ok to go inside and enjoy some A/C or a cool popsicle when the heat of the day get to be to much.
  • Babies need to take breaks and stay cool so don't push yourself to be outside all day. Go out in the morning on early evening when its cooler and the sun is less intense. That will leave you time for a siesta in the afternoon!

Happy Babywearing!


Still have questions? Get in touch. I am always happy to help. 

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