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Searching for Sleep

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on

Searching for Sleep

My baby hated sleep. He fought it (and often still does) with every ounce of his being, no matter what I tried.

We started out like most parents do with the standard swaddle. Then we upgraded to the velcro swaddle. I wrapped that sucker as tight as I possibly could just to keep him still enough to nurse and if I was very lucky, he would sleep in it for a few minutes.

Then he grew - taller, not fatter. Pretty soon he was kicking his way out of the swaddle. He would wake up all in a fuss because he had his feet all tangled or his arm hand managed to poke out the top. So I did what the book said. I took one arm out the swaddle and loosened it a bit. That did not fly. I tried 2 arms out. Also a giant failure. So I went shopping. 

First I made a frantic run to Wal-Mart (which if you know me at all, you know is torture for me. I hate Wal-Mart with the fire of a thousand suns. But I won't get on that soap box today). They were the closest store that I knew would have baby things and I thought for sure a bigger swaddle would be the answer. Nope. The string bean baby was was to skinny for the bigger swaddle. I had to wrap the wings around him 3 times just to close it. So it didn't velcro right and there was a weird mound of fabric on one side. It was a mess. He also decided to start rolling in his sleep at this stage so that forced the break up with the swaddle before we are ready.

After that waste of money (and sleep). I started talking to my mom friends. They had a list of recommendations. So again I went shopping. I went to a local upscale baby boutique. I bought 3 different sleep sacks. One was a tube stretchy tube like thing that was supposed to keep baby snuggled tight. My kid hated his arms touching his body. He freaked out if I came near him with it once he figured it out. I tried the baby sleeping bag version. You know the one that snaps at their shoulders. Also a total bust. He swung his arms around and could not settle down enough to nurse or sleep. We also tried a version that put his arms in little pockets by his head. It was very strange to look at, and kinda worked for like 3 minutes. Until he he smacked himself in the face and was a awake and pissed!

Next I went shopping online. I wish I was joking when I say this. I bought every single sleep sack on the market that I could find available in Canada. I have no idea how much money I spent. I was desperate. I hadn't slept for more than an hour since I gave birth. I needed something for this kid to sleep in that didn't make him scream bloody murder and if I was really lucky - would help him sleep for more than a few broken hours. 

I also bough gadgets and gizmos. Noise machines, lights, pillows, the list goes on. I combined these in a dizzying haze of combinations with rocking, bouncing, heat pads, smelly shirts and everything else anyone on the internet ever has told you to do to help your baby sleep. 

Then came the Zipadee Zip. It was recommended to me by a mom group I was part of. I was so hesitant to buy this one because at the time it was only available in the US. The conversion rate was shit and shipping was expensive! Finally in the middle of the night, I send hubs for my wallet and I took the plunge. Then I waited, and waited. Shipping from Texas to Saskatchewan takes forever. Or at least it feels like forever when you are exhausted. 

I honestly can't remember what happened the first night or the nights shortly after. What I do remember is that very soon my kid was starting to relax when I put the Zipadee Zip on. He wasn't pawing at me and pinching me all night long (we bedshare so his tiny little razor like fingernails seemed to find my fleshy bits all night long.). He started to sleep 2-3 hours and once in a blue moon even longer! I felt like I could see the light. 

Soon I had all my friends buying them and we were all getting a better nights sleep. 

Just before my sons first birthday. He got very sick. He was hospitalized with Influenza and Pneumonia. Shit got scary for a few very long days. I sat up all night holding him because he couldn't relax in the hospital crib. After a 2 long nights and days he was able to remove the IV, and Oxygen mask which meant I could put his Zipadee Zip back on for the night. He slept so soundly and I was finally able to breath myself. The Zipadee Zip saved us again.

When I decided to take Raising a Little beyond baby carriers the Zipadee Zip was the first product I knew I wanted to carry. I knew this sleep sack had to be in Canada and had to be available to other parents. I hope you love it as much as we did and that I can save you from the spiral of buying all the sleep sacks, nests and gizmos. 

I am located in Saskatoon, SK. Shipping to both ends of the country takes about 10 days, usually a lot less.  I stock small, medium and large. Please email me if you have any questions about choosing the right size for you. 

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