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Meet the Switch Witch!

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on

Meet the Switch Witch!

Halloween is just around the corner. And that means heaps of candy at your house! Meet the Switch Witch. This witch comes to your house after Halloween to help get rid of all the extra candy. Here is how it works. Your child asks the switch witch for a toy, they leave all of their candy on the step and in the morning there the toy on the step (with a little help from you). 

This is a great way to allow your children to enjoy halloween and one night of eating way to much candy but not having to deal with candy being in the house for weeks after halloween. 

Have you tried this little trick to help reduce the amount of candy in your house?

This year Raising a Little is going to help you out with Halloween. All toys are on sale on until November 1 with the code Witch. To help you get rid of the extra candy I am teaming up with Habitat for Humanity Saskatoon. You can bring all of your candy to the store after Halloween and I will take it to their volunteer trailer to help them build houses for local families. 

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