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How to help your teething baby

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on

Teething solutions for babies

Teething sucks. There is no way around it. It's tough on babies and tough on parents. Some days it can feel like nothing will help your baby get some relief. Here are my top tips to help relieve teething pain. 

1. Chill out

Babies love a cool treat on their aching gums. Try making milk ice cubes or putting some frozen fruit in a silicon feeder. This can help to reduce the swelling and give baby a nice snack. 

2. Team Up

Camilla and Teething Gel are best friends when it comes to teething. Camilla addresses the aching gums, upset stomach and general bad mood that comes with teething, while the teething gel takes the inflammation out and calms the pain right where it hurts. Both are all natural and organic solution that you can feel great about giving your baby. 

3. Snuggles

Skin to skin and close contact can help to increase your babies tolerance for pain. It also feels great to get a hug when you are hurting. So grab your favourite carrier and take your little one for a walk. They might even enjoy themselves a bit with the change of scenery

4. Cool down

A cold wash cloth can the best teething toy. Get it wet, add a couple drops of Little Bum Baby teething gel and toss in the freezer to cool off. When your baby starts fussing let them chew away. The cold and the teething gel will help their gums feel better and the texture of the wash cloth is a great sensory experience for them. 

5. Silicone teethers 

A teething baby will put anything and everything in their mouth to get some relief and try to help those teeth push through. Pick a food grade silicone teether that is easy to clean to give them something safe to chew on. This will help them sooth themselves as well as give their gums some relief. Silicone teethers have just a bit of give so that baby can chew away all day long. Pick one with a few beads on the teether to add a sensory experience that will keep them entertained even when they are not teething. 

6. Brush it out

The Haakaa 360 toothbrush can provide a soothing massage to your babies gums. Try putting it in the fridge or dropping some teething gel on the bristles. 

7. When in doubt …. boobs

If you are breastfeeding, offer your baby the breast frequently. The sucking motion can help to sooth their pain and breastmilk can also help make them feel better. Sometimes soothers can actually make the discomfort worse so watch your baby for cues!

8. If all else fails….. 

Baby safe painkillers like Tylenol and Advil are great options when teething pain gets really bad. Advil is great for longer lasting pain relief but is not a good choice for all babies. Make sure you talk to your doctor before using these drugs. 

Check out the complete teething collection at Raising a Little for tested solutions to help your baby when they are teething. 

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