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Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on


I don't go to church. Ive never seen the point in getting up early on Sunday morning and standing in a room full of people. It didn't make sense to me. The God part still doesn't but the getting up early and finding a room full of people makes sense to me now.

My church met on Thursday mornings in the basement of a mediclinic. Every Thursday morning we would sit down, ask questions, share struggles and celebrate victories. We laughed, we cried and then we went for lunch. We didn't discuss anything out of a book, but we did create a place where we lifted each other up and learned from each other. I became a better version of myself every Thursday.

As our babies grew bigger we still met on Thursday morning but we slowly started venturing out of the safety of the basement. The library, zoo and riverbank became meeting spots. As time went on the doors to our homes were opened.

Slowly our group got smaller as people went back to work and found new hobbies but a tribe formed. This tribe became my rock. When nights or days got to long they pulled me out of my funk. When I felt lost or confused they listened and helped me muddle through.

This tribe slowly became my family. Friends are the family that you choose. I was lucky enough to be chosen.

A few months ago a small group of us got together to take some photos. These are some of my favourite photos. It captures a moment in time and a feeling that I can't quite describe. I flip through these photos regularly and every time I do I smile. My heart lifts just a little bit. I've struggled since welcoming my tiny man into the world. I can feel my grip slip just a little when I don't see my tribe for a while. I feel that grip strengthen after a family dinner or walk through the park.

These women all hold a special place in my heart and every Thursday morning I wake up, take a moment to remember our church and feel my heart lift.


Photo taken by Coastal Lifestyles Photography

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