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8 Travel must haves for hot holiday's with baby

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on


Traveling with a baby can be amazing or a total disaster (sometimes both at the same time). They are usually free to take on a plane and tend to enjoy coming along for the ride. Leaving home with all of your tools and comforts can be stressful for many parents. Here are my must pack items for traveling with baby


Baby safe sunscreen Babies have very sensitive skin and getting a sunburn is not good. It’s impossible to stay in the shade all day, so a little bit of sunscreen can be a big help on holiday. I love Goddess Garden’s natural sunscreen. It’s easy to apply, offers hours of protection and is safe enough for even tiny babies. 

Bug Spray

Itchy babies are not happy babies and no one is happy when baby isn’t happy. LitBaby and pet safe bug spraytle Bum Baby makes an effective and safe outdoor spray which keeps he bugs away and won’t leave you or baby greasy. Bonus - it’s even safe for your pets. Make sure you shake it will before you apply because it does not contain any chemicals, so it will naturally separate. 

Water sling

Baby sling carrier for waterBeach or pool, you know you are going to want to take a dip on a hot day, but taking a baby into the ocean or pool can be challenging. Water slings are a great solution for this. They feature lightweight, breathable material that dries easily and won’t loose its support when it gets wet. Its also a great choice for walking around the resort and through the airport.


Tranquilo Mat

Tranquilo mat to help your baby sleepChanging your baby’s sleep environment can be a challenge, but the Tranquilo mat makes sleeping on the go, or in the hotel room, a breeze. The gentle vibration and white noise will help drown out the bustle of travel for naps on the go and can be used in bed for a good nights sleep.


Baby Carrier

Strollers and travel do not mix, especially when there is a beach involved. A baby carrier makes it easy for you and your little one to travel. Naps on the go are easy, your hands will be free to hand over tickets, read the map or explore the local cuisine. Look for something light weight, breathable and cotton to keep everyone comfortable. 



Traveling can sometimes mean upset tummies. Get ahead of it with probiotics to help keep your family healthy while traveling. Probiotics will help to boost everyones gut with healthy bacteria to keep everything running smoothly. I love the HMF probiotics because they are so effective and affordable. They do need to be kept in the fridge for long term stability but they will be fine in your suitcase while traveling. 


These super fun suction cup toys will provide hours of entertainment on the plane, in the car, at a restaurant, in the hotel room or in the tub! Packing toys can take up so much extra space which is at a premium when traveling with little ones. Squigz are the ultimate multifunction toys. Check out the loops for little hands and the classic squigz for bigger kids. 


Pipsquigz loops baby travel toySquigz travel toy for toddler or preschoolSquigz travel toy for kids and baby



Nothing is worse than getting to your destination only to get sick from spending hours on a plane, or getting home and getting sick right before you head back to work.  Elderberry is a great way to boost your immune system all year round. It will help your body fight off all the germs you encounter while traveling so you can enjoy your holiday and not have to take extra time off to recover when you get home. 


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