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30 Reasons to use a baby carrier

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on

30 Reasons to use a baby carrier
1. It's Easy

Babywearing makes your life as a parent easier. Ask any parent what they really want and they will tell you they want their hands back! This is exactly what a baby carrier does.

2. It's fun!

Enjoy all the baby giggles, snuggles and watch them explore the world from the safety and comfort of a baby carrier.

3. Babies love it

Babies love being close to their caregiver. A baby carrier lets your baby get all the closeness and snuggles your baby wants while you can still be free to do what you need to do. 

4. Babies need it! 

Babies need touch and closeness with their caregivers to develop their brains. A baby carrier is a great way to give them this closeness while being kind to your body.

5. It’s kind to a postpartum body

Pregnancy and childbirth are hard on our bodies. It important to be mindful of our posture and how we carry weight. Babywearing is easy on your body and allows you to rebuild your strength as baby grows

6. It’s a great workout


Going for a walk while carrying your baby is one of the best resistance Working out with a baby carrierworkouts for a new mom. Your baby will gain weight as you regain your strength so you can reestablish your fitness level.

7. Babies cry less

Babies who are carried in a sling cry 45 minutes less per day, compared to babies who are not carried. 

8. You can actually buy a weeks worth of groceries






Grocery Shopping with babyHave you ever tried to go grocery  shopping with a bucket seat taking up your cart or with a stroller? It just doesn’t work. Snuggle your baby close in the carrier and get a full load of groceries so don't have to go shopping every day

9. Navigate busy places with ease

Strollers take up a ton of space and toddlers are quick to run away in a crowd. Using a carrier makes it easy to navigate the busy farmers market, mall or family gathering. 

10. Keep germs hands off your baby

Everyone seems to love touching babies to say hello, but this can mean nasty germs all over your little one. When babies are in a carrier people are less likely to touch them to spread colds and flus.

11. Conquer the witching hour

What is it about dinner time that makes babies so cranky? Who knows, but a carrier can make navigating this difficult time of day so much easier. Babies will be soothed by the motion of your body while you cook dinner so everyone can enjoy their evening. 

12. Increase milk supply

The closeness that your baby carrier provides helps to simulate milk production. Nothing gets your milk flowing like close contact with your baby. 

13. Sooth your teething baby

Teething sucks. There are a lot of solutions out there that may or may not work but babywearing is a sure thing. Your baby will feel calm, relaxed and soothed when you take them for a walk with your carrier. 

14. Beat nap time battles

It’s a fact babies need to sleep near their caregiver. Who hasn't been nap trapped by an overtired baby? Wearing your baby in a sling to help them sleep is a great way to beat the nap time battle, help your baby learn the difference between day and night and avoid being nap trapped under your sleeping baby. Using a baby carrier

15. Take care of your other kiddos

Most of the time we are home alone caring for baby and older children. They
 are not going to wait for lunch just because baby is fussy or needs a nap. Put your baby in the carrier and carry on with life. You can free up your hands to take care of household responsibilities and meet the needs of your littlest one.

16. Ease separation anxiety

Separation is normal, protective and exhausting! As babies learn about the world around them its normal for them to cling to mama a little bit more when their surroundings are not familiar. Wearing your baby in a sling into a new or unfamiliar situation helps them to get comfortable on their timeline which will give them the security to explore when they are ready. 

17. Make the transition to daycare easier

Babywearing isn't just for mom and dad. Daycare providers can benefit from using a baby carrier too. Wearing a baby in a carrier or wrap will help to create a bond, while soothing a baby who is missing their mama or papa. 

18. Calm the colic

Anyone who has a colicky baby will tell you they tried anything that would help their babe feel better. Keeping your baby upright with gentle pressure on their bodies - like in a baby carrier, is a great way to sooth colic. It can help to work out stubborn burps, reduce reflux and sooth frazzled nerves. 

19. Get dad involved!

Babywearing isn't just for mom. Many dad’s love the bond that wearing their baby in a carrier creates. Taking baby for a walk after a long day at work can be a great way to unwind, reconnect and give mom a break. 

babywearing for dad

20. Regulate breathing 

Babies need help to learn to breath properly. Close contact can help to teach babies how to breath rhythmically and reduces the risk of SIDS

21. Teach babies social skills

Humans are social creatures. Our brains need social contact to develop and thrive. When a baby is in a carrier they become a part of our social interactions. They hear our voices, watch our facial expressions and join in the conversation which is amazing for their brain development. 

22. Snuggle your baby as much as you want

Ask a parent of a teenager or adult children if they snuggled their babies to much. They will always so no! But it can be hard to get in all the snuggles you both want when you have to do things like pee, eat and brush your teeth. A baby carrier lets you get every minute of snuggles in while still taking care of yourself

23. Buy something nice for you!

Yes I said it. You can go ahead and treat yourself to the baby carrier that speaks to you. As new moms we stop buying things for us and a carrier is a great way to get something that makes you feel special while also meeting the needs of your baby. Win win!

24. Make new friends

The babywearing world is filled with amazing moms, dads, aunties, grandmas and friends just waiting to meet you. So go up and say hi to the mama wearing her baby at the farmers market. I bet she will love to chat with you about all things babywearing!

Making new friends as a mom

25. Baby toes

Nothing is quite as sweet as those tiny toes sticking out of the bottom of the carrier. 

26. Battle cold and flu bugs like a boss

Sick babies are no fun at all. Their tiny noses get stuffed up so easily, they can’t sleep and all they want is snuggles. So pop them in the carrier and know that you are helping them get better sooner! Skin to Skin contact helps babies immune systems kick into gear and helps them relax to get the rest they need to feel better. 

27. Develop your confidence as a parent

Babies don't come with a manual and the learning curve is steep. My baby carrier was the tool that gave me the confidence in my skills as a mom and helped me find a rhythm with my babe. 

28. It’s not just for babies!

Sometimes toddlers and big kids get tired, sick or just need some extra cuddles. Use your carrier to help them along and save your arms! Lugging around a tired toddler in arms is a lot of work, not to mention uncomfortable!

29. Share every special moment

When you baby is close to you its so easy to share those special moments. Watch their eyes light up as you sing a song, explore nature or watch the fireworks on July 1. 

30. Dance!

Dancing is always better with a partner so crank up the tunes and dance like someone is watching! Your baby will love the movement and so will you.


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