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Summer Babywearing tips and tricks

Posted by Lindsay Sanderson on

Summer Babywearing tips and tricks

The weather is finally getting warmer and the sun is out. Which means that we are now starting to worry about how to stay cool in the summer heat. I get asked about how to stay cool while wearing your baby all the time. Here are my tips:

Dress in light layers. This time of year it is tough to know what to wear that will work from the cool morning through the hot afternoons. Layers are a great way to stay warm or keep cool. Try to minimize the number of layers under your carrier or between you and your baby. This way you are not stuck wearing a sweater when you start to warm up.

Choose a light carrier.Leave the stretchy wrap at home when the sun starts beating down. A buckle carrier, meh dai or ring slings are great options for staying cool. Check out the Air-O Trek or Tula Free to Grow Coast or Standard. These carriers have a mesh panel which adds extra air flow on hot summer days.

Wear a hat. I have a huge wide brimmed sun hat that shades me and my little man. Its great for keeping us cool and protected from the afternoon sun. Its also great when he decides he doesn't want wear his hat. A hat is a great way to beat the heat without blocking babies access to the open air. Avoid putting blankets over your stroller or carrier. This can make it very hard for babies to breath and it get stuffy under those blankets really fast!

Get wet! Take the Air-O ring sling for a splash in the pool, a walk through the spray park or dip your toes in the lake. Water carriers are a great way to enjoy a refreshing water break while still being hands free.

Protect your skin. Sunscreen is an essential diaper bag item when the sun starts shining. I am in love with the Goddess Garden sunscreens. These all natural sunscreens protect without leaving you greasy and they have a formula that is safe for babies!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This goes for you and baby. Make sure you are drinking lots of water, offer frequent nursing or bottle breaks for baby. Let your toddler pick out their own water bottle and keep it full! Staying hydrated helps your body better regulate its temperature while will in turn help you baby regulate their temperature.

Take breaks.Its ok to go inside and enjoy some A/C or a cool popsicle with the heat of the day get to be to much. Babies need to take breaks and stay cool so don't push yourself to be outside all day. Go out in the morning on early evening when its cooler and the sun is less intense. That will leave you time for a siesta in the afternoon!

Happy Babywearing!

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